TASHA BLANK + THE GET DOWN CREW ARe a collective of multi-sensory party rockers on a mission to make you dance. They combine irresistibly groovable electronic music with live music and performance to create an immersive, participatory experience that’ll leave you drenched in sweat and full of wonder.


Tasha Blank

Founder + resident DJ of The Get Down, Tasha creates interactive sonic experiences that catalyze everything from underground warehouse parties and music festivals to morning raves and bass-heavy yoga events, and believes that dance is the quickest path to love in the here + now.  

Her music catalyzes transformation, inspires collaboration, and weaves together cultural influences from around the world, inviting you on a physio-sonic trip into a newer, bigger you. Connect with her at tashablank.com.


akil apollo davis

Akil is Tasha's right hand man, the main MC and masked dancer of The Get Down.

As a performing artist and theater professor of Mask and Art Philosophy, he alchemizes his sensitivity to space to guide the dance floor into new dimensions. He can be heard shouting powerful mantras on the mic, and felt via percussive sounds and resonance to harmonize + heal.


aj nocito

AJ is an NYC based percussionist and avid movement enthusiast.

When he's not firing up the dance floor with the thump of a djembe, he can be found doing high kicks and bringing happy mosh pit vibes to the middle of the madness. To him, music is life. As long as the rhythm is rocking and bodies are moving, all is well. 



Allie is the producer and creative marketing director for The Get Down. She runs the show behind-the-scenes so that y'all can have a magical, wild, sweaty, transformational, bass-thumping dancefloor experience.

She's also the owner and senior consultant of Something Greater Social, a boutique social media agency for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place. Allie also teaches yoga in Brooklyn and internationally.

our amazing host crew

Allie Mason, Kathryn Kuhn, Kate Rubens, Chuubie, Billy Shadow, Kyle Williams, Christopher De La Cruz, Athena Griffith, Amanda Nova, Steve Tek

guest djs + artists

Tony Touch, Mr V, Stretch Armstrong, Rob Lux, Rizumik, Elliott Larue, PhaseOne, Rabbi Darkside, REsy, The Haiku Guys, The Hudson Horns, Jourdan Urbach, Kevin Nathaniel, BEAT NYC, Flex Dance, DJ Rogue