We came to dance

We came to sweat

We came to love.

We believe dance is a fundamental human right with the power to unite people across culture, belief + identity. We believe everyone should be able to groove wildly to dope music in a safe, welcoming atmosphere.

We also believe:

  1. Movement is the first and most basic form of expression available to humans.

  2. Dancing wildly and frequently is our birthright. No special moves or training required. 

  3. Everyone deserves a safe place to let loose their most liberated, badass self.


Our values:

  1. Inclusivity. We welcome all identities, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. 

  2. Radical Self Expression. You do you boo! Sweat, holler, rattle and roll as you please. For reals - we all hold back back way too much in life. No need to waste your time being anything less than YOU on our dance floor. Get what you came here for, and get the fuck down!

  3. Respect. We respect each other’s personal space and modes of expression. We respect the space we inhabit and make sure we create space for others, too. We also stay aware of our personal boundaries, take responsibility for owning them, and are mindful of the people around us so we don't accidentally punch someone in the face when the bass drops.

  4. Sex Positivity. Sexiness is what happens when us humans feel safe enough to breathe, move, and feel our bodies freely. It's our birthright; not something that needs to be kept hidden behind closed doors. It does not mean that I, person on the dance floor feeling awesome and sexy, want to have sex with you, person dancing next to me. Though it probably means that I feel safe enough next to you to be fully myself and celebrate my inborn beauty + creativity. And THAT is a beautiful thing.  

  5. Consent. We recognize that there are few environments in which people can feel totally free to be sexy without it being perceived as an invitation. Check for enthusiastic consent before moving into someone's personal space. And again before dancing with super close contact. And again before using your hands to move in closer (you get the point). A simple "Is this ok?" will do! If you get a No, say thanks to your new friend for being brave enough to be true to themselves. They'll appreciate you for it, we promise. 

  6. Dress to sweat. Wear what makes you happy, and leave the heels at home.